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不少年輕人看著《衝上雲霄》,就產生了在飛機上工作的想法。機師帥,空姐美,這種「衝上雲霄」,似是不少 人的憧憬吧?考不到?不要緊吧!就让我们ESSENTIAL帮您实现你的梦想。
航空界,工作人手需求數以萬個;航空業要持續發展,前線以外的支援工作也十 分重要,為配合發展, 機艙服務、飛機維修、航空貨運、機場保安、建築工程、行李處理、清潔、零售,以及餐飲服務等,希望有興趣的人士投身該行列。
你都想擁有屬於自己的「衝上雲霄」故事,就不要錯過2014年11月23,28, 29 & 30日於古晉,民都鲁,詩巫和美里舉行的空服務員招生活動啦!屆時更有多場就業講座,讓你了解更多就業詳情資訊!到時見!

Join Us Now!! Lets your passion fly~

Many young people are watching , ” Awan Dania ” , gave rise to the idea of working on the plane . Handsome pilots, pretty good shape flight attendants, this ” Awan Dania ” , seems a lot of people look forward to, right? Fail the interview ? It does not matter now! Let us ESSENTIAL help you achieve your dreams.

In the aviation industry , the number of working manpower requirements to thousand ; To sustainable development, and support the work of frontline outside is also very important , in line with the development of inflight services , aircraft maintenance , air cargo, airport security , construction, baggage handling , cleaning, retail and catering services, we wish interested parties to join the ranks.

You want to have your own ” Awan Dania ” story , do not miss the 2014 November 23, 28 , 29 & 30 in Kuching , Bintulu , Sibu and Miri. Enrollment activities is starting now. Come and meet our consultants on the day and we are willing to answer you any question you have. See you there!

 All of you also can get the updates on latest news and jobs opportunity for cabin crew, in our Essential Advisory facebook Fan Page by clicking and LIKE our facebook HERE

Join Us now! Let’s your passion fly~

A new Flight Attendant Preparatory intake is begin today, open to both male and female. We look forward to meet all of you future international flight attendants.Visit us in the venue below or contact us in 082-462115 / 012-8081988 for more information

All of you also can get the updates on latest news and jobs opportunity for cabin crew, in our Essential Advisory facebook Fan Page by clicking and LIKE our facebook HERE

SilkAir Cabin Crew Recruitment -June 2014

We are looking for cabin crew with a combination of grace and a warm smile to provide excellent and attentive service to our customers.


·Minimum height of 1.58m
·Minimum of 3 GCE ‘O’ Level or 4 GCE ‘N’ Level credits, including English.

We offer a host of generous service benefits including:·Free and discounted travel
·Annual wage supplement of one month’s salary
·Profit sharing bonus
·Attractive medical and dental benefits
·Meal, productivity and transport allowance where applicable

If you think you have what it takes to be part of our team, come and see us at Changi Airport Terminal 2, SilkAir Cabin Crew Office, #037-042, Singapore 918643 (location map) on 13 June 2014.

Please bring the following documents for registration between 9:00am and 4:30pm.
·Completed application form.
·2 Passport-size photographs
·Original(s) of all educational certificates and identity card.

Selected candidates will be invited for the final interview on the same day, starting from 4pm.

Collaboration Essential Advisory Company (Flight Attendant Preparatory Training) & NIIT College

Collaboration between Essential Advisory Company and NIIT College is to provide a highly standard English to strengthen the usage of English among future stewards and stewardess, by NIIT College providing this English class for them, they not only gaining knowledge from the class but they will also have confident on how to speak English without any limitation before they joining any chosen international airlines company.

NIIT College was founded in 1999, It first started as an IT training center that conducting mainly on IT training courses within East Malaysia, but now NIIT College offers more than 10 courses at Certificates, Diplomas, Degrees even Master level and also providing Corporate Training Programme. Currently NIIT College offering various English Certificates for air stewards and air stewardess. Offering 4 certificates under School of English Language, which is English Proficiency Certificates, starting from Elementary, Pre – Intermediate, Intermediate and Advance, next is English Preparatory Certificate (ISESOL), third is English for Academic Purposes and lastly English corporate training programme that offering 3 short course which is Telephone Skills, Incident Report Writing and English for Written Communication.

For further details, please feel free to contact Essential Advisory Companny at 082-462115 or email: or log on to out fb@ Essential Advisory Company

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Come and join our FLIGHT ATTENDANT PREPARATORY COURSE with Essential Advisory Company and experience different type of learning experience with international Flight Attendant. Call us now for a great promotion at 082-462115 / 0128081988 Or you may come and meet us in the following date & venue: